Second Marriages: Estate Planning and More

Jacksonville Florida Lawyer WeddingWhen considering getting married for the second time, or to someone with a prior family it is important to consider Estate Planning, Long-Term Care, the family home, Social Security, Alimony, Survivor’s Annuities, and College Financial aid as an article on Forbes has reported.

Florida Estate Planning becomes very important when there are children from outside the current marriage. A spouse in Florida is entitled to a 30% share of all assets unless there is a prenuptial or post nuptial waiver.

in addition aFlorida Revocable Trust or prenuptial agreement might not keep a spouse from being responsible for long-term care and can have an effect on Florida Medicaid Planning and Eligibility

The Florida Supreme court has said that a spouse may wave their rights to a family home, but the constitutional rights of the Florida Homestead are very strong and should be considered.

Social Security
needs to be considered an the benefits from former will be affected by remarrying before the age of 60. After age 60 you may be able to collect benefits from a new spouse if those benefits are higher.

Alimony and Survivor’s Annuities will likely end if you remarry.

College Financial Aid might be affected if the income of the family changes.

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