Tips to Avoid Exploitation of the Elderly by a Family Member

The Trials and Heirs blog recently had an article about how to avoid exploitation of the elderly by a family member. They recommend

1 Getting Expert advise who knows the ins and outs of estate planning. I would also recommend using a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer who is familiar with Florida Elder Law.
2. Be careful of Joint accounts as they can take the money or create ineligibility for nursing home coverage.
3. Consider “Springing” Powers of Attorney or as we call them contingent Durable Powers of Attorney as they only give powers once you are incapacitated.
4. Choosing Wisely which may mean not choosing a family member or the oldest child because of emotional reasons.
5. Having Checks and Balances by using more than one person to make decisions and to avoid fights.
6. Selecting someone to monitor your accounts. This person can be a trusted advisor and should have the ability to question and stop inappropriate actions.

These are issues that should be dealt with in Florida Estate Planning as well as to avoid abuse of the elderly. To discuss your concerns or issues contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer

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