What a Prenuptial Agreement Can and Cannot Protect?

According to a recent statistic in the USA Today, a poll found that only 4% of married couples in the United States have a premarital or prenuptial agreement. Florida was reported as having one of the country’s worst divorce rates in 2009. Due to this alarming rate, Florida allows couples to enter into valid prenuptial agreements so long as there is full disclosure and the agreement is in writing and signed by both parties.

There are many important things that a prenup can protect. First, prenups can protect the rights and obligations of both spouses with respect to property. So if one spouse owned a car before the marriage, a provision could state that that spouse would be responsible for all payments on that car. The agreement can also protect a spouse’s individual right to sell or lease real property. Other common provisions include what career path a spouse may choose, where the couple will live, and cash penalties if one spouse cheats.

Since prenups cannot violate public policy or criminal law, there are a few things they cannot accomplish. Child support is always governed by state guidelines enacted by the legislature. These guidelines cannot be overridden by a prenuptial agreement between spouses. Given that prenup terms usually include outlining the disposition of property when the marriage ends as a result of death or divorce, it is vital to have an experienced Florida Family Law Lawyer or Florida Estate Planning Lawyer with you to represent your best interests.

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