Digital Asset Trust and Picture Sharring

fineprint.jpgDigital Asset Protection Trust can help preserve your pictures and other website information after you die or if you become incapacitated.

Most picture sharing websites promote the freedom to assign ones property rights to another. While all of these websites prohibit reselling the account to another, Flickr was the only picture sharing website that prohibited the assignment of rights in their terms and conditions of use. This may be due to their affiliation with Yahoo! which has one standard user agreement for many of the websites they own.

Part of the appeal of picture sharing sites is that they allow many family members and friends to view your pictures. Although it may not be illegal to assign your rights to the pictures, they may be deleted automatically if your account is deactivated due to inactivity. Therefore, a Digital Asset Trust should be created to protect your Digital Assets from being destroyed when you pass away.

Picture Sharing Websites Deactivation Assignable
Flickr “Extended Period of Time” NO
Shutterfly 180 Days YES
Kodak Gallery Paid – 5 years
Free Trial – 90 Days
SnapFish 1 year YES

For more information on how a Digital Asset Protection Trust can help you and your estate contact a Digital Asset Protection Trust Lawyer

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