What Asset are subject to Florida probate

In Florida, Probate assets are those items in the decedent’s name at death which contain no provision for automatic succession of ownership at death like those that are jointly owned or have a payable on death designation. For example:

1. bank accounts that is not a joint account, one held in trust for another, or those without a beneficiary,
2 real estate in the individuals sole name unless it is a homestead property and the decedent is survived by a spouse or children’
3 property owned by the decedent and spouse becomes subject to probate upon the death of the surviving spouse (subject to surviving descendants in the case of a homestead),
4. life insurance payable to the decedent or their estate,
5. retirement accounts payable to the decedent or their estate,
6. annuities payable to the decedent or their estate,

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