Can a Trustee Resign? And how under Florida Law

When a Florida Trust is created, the creator of the trust designates a trustee to monitor the trust. There is great responsibility that comes with being the trustee because this individual, or group of individuals handles the distributions to the beneficiaries according to the terms of the trust document. The terms may place numerous restrictions on the distributions made to beneficiaries or the trust may give broad discretion to the trustee to make the distributions. In addition, Florida law places additional requirements on a trustee that may not be apparent from the reading of the document. Circumstances can arise where a trustee wishes to resign their position as trustee.

In order to resign your position as trustee in Florida, you must comply with Florida statutory law. Florida Statute ยง 736.0705 governs the resignation of a trustee. It says that a trustee may resign if at least 30 days notice is given to all qualified beneficiaries, the settlor (creator) of the trust if still living, and all co-trustees. A trustee can also petition the court for resignation and then may be relieved of their position with the courts approval.

This does not mean that the trustee will escape liability for acts done before the trustee’s resignation. If the resigning trustee has committed some breach of their duties to the beneficiaries, they can still be held accountable for those acts. For more information on your Florida Revocable Trust or if you have any trust administration questions contact a Florida Trust Lawyer today.

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