Florida Probate-Appointment

Appointment of the Executor/Administrator

In Florida Probate, if no one objects to the petition for the allowance of the http://www.jacksonvillelawyer.pro/lawyer-attorney-1335235.html or (if there is no will) to the petition for administration of the estate without a will, then the court will usually appoint the executor named in the will (or the administrator named in the petition) to be the legal representative of the deceased’s estate. Once formally appointed by the court, the executor or administrator will take legal title to all of the deceased’s probate assets, so that estate property may be “dealt with” in the process of settling the estate. In other words, all of the deceased’s bank accounts, securities, and other assets (real estate is subject to special rules in many states) that are a part of his probate estate will be titled “Jane Jinx, Executrix, Estate of John Jinx.”

The executor, or the administrator if there was no will, is the person responsible for all aspects of settling the estate, including paying debts and taxes, dealing with claims against the estate, and ultimately distributing the estate property to the beneficiaries. After receiving his appointment, however, one of the first things he must do is prepare and file an estate inventory.

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