Special Needs Trust Lawyers for Disabled Children in Florida

Florida Special Needs Trust Lawyers & Florida Supplemental Needs Trust Attorneys.

Supplemental Needs Trust Lawyer inage.jpgFlorida Families who have disabled children had a greater need for a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to prepare for the possibility that they do not outlive their children. When people have disabilities or special needs, it’s important for parents to provide for their welfare while you are alive. There are also significant advantages to creating a Florida Special Needs Trust or a Testamentary Special Needs Trust.

When assets are left to an individual with special needs in a normal trust or outright, it could disqualify the individual from government benefits as well as require that any remaining assets be paid to the government for reimbursement of services provided during the individual’s life.

By using a SNT or Florida Special Needs Trust one can usually choose a remainder beneficiary, that is who will receive any funds that are not used by the individual with the disability during their life.

In addition, without a Florida will with a valid guardian clause, the state will determine if your child ends up in foster care or who will be the guardian over your child.

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