Gainesville Probate Court Information

Gainesville Probate court is located in Alachua County. Gainesville does not have any unusual probate fees.

The Alachua County Courthouse is located at:
     201 E University Avenue      Gainesville, FL 32602      Tel: (352) 374-3636.

The Gainesville Suns is the official newspaper used for publications and notice to creditors.
    Telephone: (352) 374-5017     Website:
    Probate Publication Cost: $330-360

If you need help filing a Gainesville Probate or are a creditor or beneficiary of a Gainesville probate and are looking for legal representation in the Probate case, email a Florida Probate Lawyer or call 904-685-1200.

You may also request the Free Florida Probate Handbook for more information.

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