When do you Digital Assets Expire and are they Assignable


We have started reviewing digital assets for whether they are assignable and when they will be deactivated.

There are services that purport to pass on login information to who you designate after you die. Remember that such a transfer does not appear to be legal and may create liability to the beneficiaries of your estate if damage is done to them or information is obtained by and used by others. The best way to address this issue is to create a Digital Asset Trust and have the trust own the assets, that way there is no transfer upon your death only a change in management- the trustee.

Below is our first summary of some of the major services. A Digital Asset Trust can prevent the loss of valuable Digital Assets upon your death.

Service Time Before Deactivation Assignable
AOL Screen Name: 90 Days
Free Email: 30 Days
Yahoo Extended period of time No
Hotmail Bing Cashback: 12 months
Paid Subscription when service ends
Gmail Nothing in terms No
PayPal 2 Years No

For more information on how to manage your digital assets contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer or Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer.

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